Hiring the Right Landscaper

Whether dealing with a large lawn or a small patio decorated with plants and trees, the outdoor space of a home is an investment that requires a special touch. A reputable landscaper is key no matter what type of project is to be completed. Property owners should consider these tips when choosing a trustworthy landscaping company.

Determine the Needs

Each yard is different, so the first step is to determine what types of services will be required. Those that are really only wanting their lawn mowed and things trimmed and edged are probably going to want to find someone that offers lawn care. Those that are interested in walkways and patios will want to make sure that they use someone that offers hardscape services as well. Many landscaping companies provide a variety of services, not just installation.

Verify Experience and Qualifications

Typically, a landscape company that has been in the business for 5 or more years has enough experience to meet a homeowners needs. Verify that the company is licensed and insured to help protect against any property damage costs. This will also ensure that the yard is treated at the industry standard required by the law.


Check for online reviews and also ask friends or family members who they use, especially if their yard is always pristine. These are good indicators of whether or not the company should be a contender. It’s okay to ask the owner or contractor for examples of prior work, to see the quality first hand. The appearance isn’t all that one should consider though, it is important that they be reliable.


It is a good idea to request an estimate to know that an affordable service is being offered. This will give something to compare to other providers in the area. If the landscape company offers design consultations, that is even better.


Those that are going to need regular lawn care should look for a company that offers a maintenance package. This will usually allow a lower rate per visit than if one were to request service on a single project basis.

So, when the time comes to contract for any of these services, do your homework. This will make for a better experience and hopefully allow you to work with one company for all of the landscape needs, whether it’s installation, maintenance or even hardscapes.

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